Pranab Mukherjee

Pranab Mukherji, was born at Dhaka, Bikrampur, on 1st March, 1934 a photographer of International fame, a devotee of Mother Teresa, the founder of Humanity Foundation, Calcutta circled the globe with his camera. Mukherjee has given voluntary photographic service to Mother Teresa for more than three decades.

Mr. Mukherjee, a roving Free-Lance Photographer for over five decades, has been bestowed with ‘National Press India Award’ for his outstanding work on ‘Eradication of Leprosy’ from the President of India on Sept. 12, 1992.

He is also the recipient of Artist Trust Award & Shelter Award in 1991, Lok Shri Award in 1992, Manyaban Award in 1993 New Delhi and Anubhav Award from Dubai in 1994. His not worthy achievements include War Correspondent Cameraman covering Indo-Pak War during 1971, Royal Wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana, 1981. Festival of India in Tokyo with P.M. Rajiv Gandhi 1988, and Vietnam coverage 1988.

During the years – 1968 to 1998, Mukherji has to his laurels – exhibitions on Blindness, Leprosy, Cancer, Mentally retarded, Deaf & Dumb children, Land & People and on Great Edward Steichen of USA, lastly the Prestigious assignment by Parliament of India, on the visit of Dr. Nelson Mandela in New Delhi – 1995.

Mr. Indra Kumar Gujral, Ex-Prime Minister of India inaugurated an exhibition of photographs on Bangladesh War by Pranab Mukherji at the Mavlankar Hall – New Delhi in 1972.

Mr. Narashima Rao, Ex-Prime Minister of India inaugurated a Memorial exhibition of Ex Prime Minister Rajib Gandhi by Pranam Mukherji at Tin Murti Bhawan. And another exhibition on Rajib Gandhi’s birthday was inaugurated by Mr. Narashima Rao at the Parliament House Anex – 1994.

He has undertaken extensive tours covering Australia, Bangladesh, European continent, Japan, UAE, USSR (Festival of India in Moscow as state Guest) UK, USA, Vietnam and SE Asia.

A documentary Film on Mukherji was telecast on National Network in 1992. Presently devoted as the founder President, ‘Humanity Foundation’ being inspired by his association with Mother Teresa for the last three decades, has become a humanist and the present works are humanity through photography showing exhibition on Eradication on Leprosy.

National Leading News papers such as Times of India, Statesman, Hindustan Times, Ananda Bazar Patrika, The Telegraph, Aaj, Milap, Amrita Bazar Patrika, Juugantar, Basumati, Rastria Sahara, Ganasakti etc. had given Justified coverage to Pranab Mukherji and his Creative works.

Mr. Mukherji’s photographic work on Mother Teresa has been acclaimed by the Associated Press of London, New Delhi, Calcutta T.V., German T.V., French T.V., Canadian T.V., New Delhi T.V. and has been telecasted to the international community during 1998 after the passing away of Mother Teresa.

Pranab Mukherji was a member of the Rotary Club of Tollygunge, Calcutta and was also a member of Royal Photographic Society of London, Professional Photographers of America, Photographic society of America USA.

Mother Teresa inaugurated an exhibition on "Eradication of Leprosy" by Pranab Mukherji at "AIFAC Gallery" in New Delhi in the year 1992.

Photographs of Mother Teresa have been published with the cover story in the Time Magazine of USA on 29th December, 1979 issue.

Govt. of India made a documentary film on the life and work of Pranab Mukherji in 1994 and has been telecasts. Out of more than 50,000 photographs on Mother Teresa taken by Mr. Mukherji during the span of 30 years, an album of selected 100 photographs including the photographs of last journey of funeral, where the world pays homage to Mother, will be displayed in the great memorial exhibition as a tribute by Pranab Mukherji.

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